Thermal, Lightweight Cladding

Extreme Render Peninsula have many year’s experience installing light weight cladding to a range of projects from existing homes to large commercial applications. We are licenced to install a range of light weight cladding systems.

These are ideal for new builds, existing homes & outdated facades.

It is suitable for virtually all external, building frames and provides a strong and secure surface when installed in accordance with Australian building regulations.

A great way to rejuvenate existing weatherboard or cement sheet homes.

Cost effective when compared with laying bricks.


  • Systems are BCA approved,
  • Carry a BAL 29 rating (bush fire attack level)
  • Superior insulation with R3.7 Thermal value using 100mm thickness.
  • Defence against vermin and insects
  • Total system Warranty
  • Low Maintenance

Thermal, lightweight cladding